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ZIAN Caulking Material

Product Use

(1)Use for caulk culture stone products.
(2)Use for caulk ceramic tile.
(3)Use for caulk stone,plates and other products

Normal Product Color

Product Specifications and Normal Usage:

Specification: 25kg/bag   Packaging Materials: Paper Bags

Regular use of ZIAN culture product

Material Characteristics of Mortar Joint:
(1)High Strength
(2)Don’t Crack
(3)Fastness and Enhance the aesthetic effect of surface buildings
(4)Low hygroscopic property
(5)Mildew resistance

Characteristics and Usage of the adhesive

Product Use
(1)This product is suitable for the culture stone,ceramic tile,marble and mosaic,etc in
(2)Products are divided into three types: ordinary,reinforced and super.
(3)Ordinary product applies to rigid inorganic base paste absorbent good ceramic tile and culture stone
(4)Reinforced product applies to rigid inorganic base paste absorbent lower ceramic tile,culture stone.
(5)Super product applicable to paste on the surface of the rigid base of absorbent ceramic tile,culture stone

Performance Feature
(1)High strength glue relay,paste firmly
(2)Excellent water repellency and compared with the ordinary cement mortar it has good resistance to permeability
(3)Excellent aging resistance and weatherability
(4)Excelent freezing-thawing resisting
(5)Don’t need to wet wall brick
(6)Grout paste,reduce the building load and avoid hollowing 
(7)Small shrinkage,effectively prevent the crack
(8)Excellent resistance to fall,when the products will not drop
(9)Soft mortar can share tooth scraper in construction,operation is easy and labor intensity is low

Product Dosage
1.Conventional Construction Method

Construction Method of Zigzag Scraper

Suggest to use the scraper blade of 6*6mm when paste small ceramic tile and culture stone.
Suggest to use 10*10mm or 12*12mm when paste big ceramic tile.

1.The temperate of the environment must be 5 to 40 degrees during the construction.
2.To stick on the surface of the large excess adhesive should be cleaned before solidification.